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Enjoy our lower  RATES!!!


Calling internationally has never been so affordable!

We invite you to examine our great international long distance telephone rates.
You'll love the savings!

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Country Connection fee Rate per min   
   ABHAZIA 0.0c 4.9c   
   ABHAZIA CELL 0.0c 4.9c   
   AFGHANISTAN 0.0c 19.9c   
   AFGHANISTAN CELL 0.0c 19.9c   
   ALBANIA 0.0c 13.0c   
   ALBANIA CELL 0.0c 15.0c   
   ALGERIA 0.0c 5.9c   
   ALGERIA CELL 0.0c 26.9c   
   AMERICAN SAMOA 0.0c 10.0c   
   ANDORRA 0.0c 6.5c   
   ANDORRA CELL 0.0c 29.0c   
   ANGOLA 0.0c 19.0c   
   ANGOLA CELL 0.0c 25.0c   
   ANGUILLA 0.0c 13.9c   
   ANGUILLA CELL 0.0c 15.9c   
   ANTIGUA 0.0c 12.0c   
   ANTIGUA CELL 0.0c 12.0c   
   ARGENTINA 0.0c 3.5c   
   ARGENTINA BA 0.0c 2.5c   
   ARGENTINA CELL 0.0c 15.0c   
   ARMENIA 0.0c 11.9c   
   ARMENIA CELL 0.0c 21.0c   
   ARMENIA YEREVAN 0.0c 6.9c   
   ARUBA 0.0c 8.9c   
   ARUBA CELL 0.0c 18.4c   
   ASCENSION IS 0.0c 57.1c   
   AUSTRALIA 0.0c 1.5c   
   AUSTRALIA CELL 0.0c 9.5c   
   AUSTRALIA EXTERNAL T 0.0c 13.4c   
   AUSTRIA 0.0c 12.9c   
   AUSTRIA CELL 0.0c 25.0c   
   AZERBAIJAN 0.0c 19.0c   
   AZERBAIJAN CELL 0.0c 20.9c   


* These rates are applicable when using the local access numbers. There is a 1c per minute surcharge when using the
   toll free access numbers. 15c fee applies for calls from a cell phone to Toll Free Access Number. If calling from a
   cell phone, your mobile service provider applicable charges are not included.
   There is a monthly maintenance fee 25c after the first call. Federal,State & local taxes will be imposed as applicable.
   A surcharge may be added for calls made to international cellular phones and directory assistance.
   Check with your local phone company to verify their charges for the local or regional access numbers shown on this site.

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